About Traditional Fun


Everything presented on this site has to do with traditional folk arts that can be done in any community. There are so many "events" and festivals to attend these days, and so many TV shows or sports events to watch, but often people find themselves in a passive "watching" role. At this site you will find activities that almost anyone can take part in. And it just so happens that singing and dancing are very good for our bodies and brains. Once you learn how to do the dancing and/or singing you and your neighbors agree on, you won't need to drive, but just walk to your neighbor's . . . this is an ideal goal, but achievable.

Of course, there are lots more great community-building things people can do together, such as gardening, neighborhood election discussion parties, block party games, other types of music, etc. These just happen to be the ones on this site! You will find links to some of the others in Links, below.

Our hope is that this site will give you some ideas for things to do in your own neighborhood, and also inspire interest in and appreciation for history and cultures around the world.