A Feast for the Senses
Arlene Francis Center,
5 April 2014


A benefit for the family of master gadulka player Georgi Petrov. A wonderful afternoon and evening with food, friends, music with Gradina, Vassil and Maria Bebelekov, Antika Bulgaria, Barbara Babin, Jim Avera, Ken and Gaelen Genetti, Karen Guggenheim, and more . . . listening and dancing with a slideshow of images from Bulgaria and beyond. Thanks to all!

Gradina on stage

3 Gradina members

Zero waste buffet

Just part of our low- to zero-waste dinner spread

Antika Bulgaria

Dancers 4/5/14

Gradina 4-5-14 -7

Bebelekovs, B. Cochran, Gaelen Genetti

Wedding cart, Polvdiv, Bulgaria--an image from our slide show at the concert

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