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The Old World Carolers

Our music

The Old World Carolers specializes in traditional European holiday music from medieval times through the nineteenth century. Our mission is to bring out carols that are rarely heard in the US, and allow them to be learned and appreciated in our country. Most of our songs are folk tunes that have evolved over the centuries, sung in a simple way that can be passed down through families. Over the last 29 years, we have already noticed that some of our songs have, coincidentally or not, become popular among other choral groups, as well as in the general public locally.

Our taste tends toward haunting, beautiful melodies. Our motto is "no corn, no cheese!" We are heavily influenced by and grateful to the Robert Shaw Chorale and the Deller Consort for repertoire and styling.

We arrange many of our own pieces, often transcribing from old out-of-print recordings or from old sheet music with no existing source recordings. We hope to keep these songs alive.

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